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Now recruiting!
We are now recruiting children
participants for a study
that will help us learn more
about new methods for
diagnosing and treating ADHD.
What is the purpose of the study?
purpose of this study is to test a new way
of performing MRI scans more rapidly
and to learn more about brain differences
among children and adolescents with and
without ADHD.
Who can participate?
Children with
ADHD, ages 7 to 11, who are taking or
have taken medication for ADHD;
typically developing children, ages 7 to
11, who do not have ADHD and who
have never taken medication for ADHD.
What do I have to do if my child is in
the study?
There are two parts to this
research study. In
Part 1
, potential
participants will be screened (over the
phone) for any conditions which would
make them ineligible to complete an MRI
and to rule out other developmental or
health problems that would disqualify
them from participating.
Part 2
, participants who qualify are
invited to Boston Children’s Hospital
Waltham for 1) a brief set of
neurocognitive tests; 2) parent interview;
and 3) a brief MRI scan.
What is the time commitment for the
Part 1
total time: approximately
30 minutes.
Part 2
total time: up to 3
hours (neurocognitive tests:
approximately 2 hours; MRI scan: 1-hour
appointment, but roughly 20-minute MRI
scan time).
What are the benefits of the study?
You will be provided a personalized
report of findings pertaining to your child.
Additionally, the MRI techniques being
developed as part of this study will greatly
benefit the study of ADHD and other
neurological conditions. Identifying MRI
features that correlate with ADHD
symptoms could be potentially useful in
the development of diagnosis and
treatment strategies.
What will I receive from participating?
A report summarizing the results of the
cognitive assessments will be provided to
all families. You will receive $10 for
participating in Part 1 and, if your child
qualifies, $100 for participating in Part 2.
Where will the study be conducted?
Part 1 will be conducted by telephone.
Part 2 will be conducted at the Waltham
campus of Boston Children’s Hospital.
What do I do if I want to participate?
You may contact our research
coordinator at 617.355.8525 or
This research is being conducted by:
Departments of Psychiatry, Boston
Children’s Hospital and Brigham and
Women’s Hospital
Yogesh Rathi, PhD, Principal Investigator
Gloria McAnulty, PhD, Site Principal
This study is funded by the National
Institute of Mental Health and approved
by the Institutional Review Board of
Boston Children’s Hospital.